Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Modern technology has led to amazing advancements in the way we treat serious dental conditions. Laser technology is precise, efficient, and less harmful than many traditional dental practices. At Elite Smiles Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of laser dentistry treatments.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers produce highly-concentrated energy in the form of light. Lasers are used in a wide-range of medical treatments across various healthcare industries. When used to treat dental conditions, lasers provide an unmatched level of precision.

Surgeries performed with laser technology are less invasive, cause less (if any) bleeding, and result in faster recoveries. Our doctors use lasers for several treatments including root canals, gum therapy, frenectomy procedures, periodontal surgery, and more.

What Kinds of Lasers Do You Use?

There are two main types of lasers – hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers.

We use hard tissue lasers to perform procedures on teeth. With this type of laser, we can remove decay and prepare a tooth for a root canal. We also use lasers to texture enamel before placing a filling, crown, inlay, or onlay. At Elite Smiles Dental, we use the Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo laser.

We use soft tissue lasers to treat dental problems in the gums, skin, muscles, and lips. These lasers are especially useful when treating periodontal (gum) disease. With a soft tissue laser, our doctors can easily cut through the gums to remove decayed or infected tissue.

Unlike traditional surgical methods, lasers conserve healthy tissue and often result in lower levels of bleeding and pain. With laser dentistry, you can also enjoy a significantly shorter recovery period.

What Procedures Are Lasers Used for?

At Elite Smiles Dental, we use laser technology for a variety of dental treatments and surgeries.

With lasers we can treat:

· Periodontal disease
· Ulcers
· Cold sores
· Tooth decay

Laser dentistry may not be right for everyone. For those who are not a candidate for laser dentistry, or for those who are uncomfortable with this type of procedure, traditional treatments are still available.

If you would like to learn more about our treatment methods or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 812-232-6654. One of our friendly receptionists would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns!