Accommodations for Dental Anxiety

Accommodations for Dental Anxiety

Root CanalsAt Elite Smiles Dental, we recognize that dental work can often prompt fear, stress and dental anxiety among patients. Our goal is for these feelings to not keep you from staying up-to-date on your dental health and any procedures you may need, but to trust us and feel at ease in our office.

For patients experiencing severe anxiety keeping them from visiting the dentist, we are pleased to offer nitrous oxide services to ease the process and provide them with a calming, relaxing oral health experience with our practice.

What is Nitrous Oxide Used For in Dentistry?

Sometimes, a patient may avoid dental treatment because it makes them so anxious or because of a traumatic dental experience in the past. This habit can lead to expensive decay, damage and disease later on.

We are empathetic to the needs of anxious patients so they can receive proper preventative treatment in a calm, professional environment. For these patients, we administer nitrous oxide as a sedative to temporarily help them relax while receiving dental treatment.

Using this gas is useful for anything from a cavity filling for a young patient to an anxious adult who needs a root canal. It is perfectly safe and very common for use among both children and adults at the dentist or during another medical procedure.

What Does Elite Smiles Dental Do to Help Dental Anxiety?

At our practice, we offer nitrous oxide gas for any patient experiencing anxiety regarding treatment. This allows the patient to have a pleasant, calming experience and helps our team perform any necessary procedures.

If you are interested in this service, simply mention it to our team when you call for an appointment or before you receive treatment.

How Common is Dental Anxiety? Who Should Use Nitrous Oxide During Dental Treatment?

Fear of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of–in fact, most children and adults struggle with this common phobia at some point.

While we strive to create a welcoming and stress-free environment at Elite Smiles Dental, we recognize that some patients require additional options for managing their anxiety–and we are absolutely willing to accommodate.